Dancing your Way to Fertility

Dancing Your Way To Fertility will give you:

• The Ultimate Fertility Success Program, one of the best and most comprehensive body-mind makeover plans available to infertility patients today.

• 12 cleanses to maximize and restore your fertility.

• Information on all the foods, vitamins, herbs that can give you a fair and fighting chance to enjoy vibrant fertility.

• How to improve the quality of your eggs and balance your hormones.

• How to strengthen, prepare and emotionally heal every organ in your body impacting your fertility.

• How to cope with shots and injections.

• How to prepare for a successful IVF and what to do to increase your chances for success on the days before the IVF and after.

• How to discover and unblock all the emotional and spiritual traumas and painful life experiences that might be destroying your fertility.

• 50 art, writing, music and dance activities to increase your creative reproductive energy.

• The Ultimate Male Fertility Preparation Program

• Your Personal Fertility Food Tracker Diary.

•  Your Daily Happiness Journal: to help you gain access to your inner positive-feeling antenna that is ever alert to everything good within you and around you.

• How to deal with negative comments from family and friends.

• Ways to reduce stress in your life.

• More than 100 affirmations and visualizations.

• A personal fertility vision statement to help motivate and get you past the obstacles to your fertility.

• Ways to protect your baby once you are pregnant.

• Letters you can send yourself when you need a lift or a reminder of how strong and powerful you are.

• How to start enjoying a close loving friendship with your body.

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Dancing To Fertility Book