Getting Your Body Ready To Beat Infertility

Are you ready to be pregnant? Have you been told that you cannot get pregnant for unexplainable reasons? Have you been trying for a baby for a long time and you are weary, tired and very, very sad?

Infertility is one of the most difficult journeys a woman can take.

But, starting today, know this: Infertility is not a final statement on your ability to have the family you dream of—infertility is a medical condition that, with the right treatments, is often temporary and can be cured.

So starting today, see your infertility as a temporary condition that is a signal that your body is off-track and needs something to heal it.

Infertility clinics often give patents a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”, but infertility is never a result of unexplainable, mysterious problems. Infertility is always a result of specific problems or deficits in the body—problems that are sometimes hard to detect in the way that Western medicine diagnoses ailments.

When your body does not conceive easily and naturally, there is disease, dysfunction and malfunction occurring on some level, even if it is a level so very subtle that it cannot be detected on standardized tests.
Some of the fertility problems your body may be experiencing may be hard to find because there are not machines or diagnostic tools yet available to detect slight shifts, blocks, traumas in the body that can prevent or delay pregnancy.

So just because a doctor says you can never get pregnant does not mean your body, if helped, cannot heal from infertility—but here’s the catch—you have to do the right things to get back your infertility.

By turning your body from acidic to alkaline, from a diseased toxic state to one that is cleansed, from a body full of inflammation to one that is healthy.

Sometimes, our body can get onto a disease track, and it then must be pushed and healed back over to a track of health.

In this chapter, we’ll discuss a comprehensive body makeover program that will change the track you are on and help you become more healthy, vibrant and fertile—as you deserve to be!

You can go to an infertility clinic and take advantage of all the latest and best treatments and medications available, which I recommend, and at the same time embark on a course of holistic, alternative healing to maximize your chances of getting pregnant and having the babies you dream of.

The first step to overcoming infertility is to change the track your body is on from:

  • A state of disease and dysfunction to one of health
  • An acidic state to an alkaline state
  • A state of clogged toxins in the body, to one of a cleansed body

with all your organs cleansed and able to function at their highest level possible.

What can set the body down a wrong course? Unhealthy foods, low-quality drinking water, chemicals or toxins in our environment and in products we use, stress, traumas and painful life experiences that tire and weaken our organs. Sometimes we live, eat, think and experience life in a way that can deplete our reproductive organs in ways that we are completely unaware of.

Picture yourself driving down the highway in the wrong lane. Imagine switching to another lane in order to get to your desired destination.

That is your goal right now–to get your body off the wrong road of toxic build-up to a cleansed road, from a road of tired organs to cleaned out revived organs.

Your job is to change the state of your body, by digging deep to uncover the root causes of your infertility.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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