The First Steps In Getting Healthy

To begin:

  • Start by having a complete physical:Go to your primary care physician and request a complete work-up.

You need to find out if you have:

  • Gallstones
  • Blood problems or disorders, such as anemia
  • Ask for a complete work-up of your thyroid, liver and kidneys. This includes a thyroid stimulating hormone test and a comprehensive metabolic panel.
  • Get tested for allergies, as you could be eating a food that weakens your body, such as gluten.
  • Have your white blood cell count checked. This might help in determining if there is an undetected infection in your body.

The aim of the physical is to find out if there is an area in your body that has been overlooked, because one weak area can throw off the rest of the body.

  • Visit Your Dentist:Get a complete dental check-up to be sure there are no lingering or untreated infections in your mouth.

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