Adrenal Cleanse

Adrenal fatigue, also known as adrenal burn-out, impacts many women suffering with infertility. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, this could be one of the not-so-obvious and sometimes difficult to diagnose reasons behind your infertility.

The adrenals are a very important to your fertility because they are part of the endocrine system, which is responsible for producing and balancing more than 50 hormones in your body. When the adrenals are weak or not working at full capacity, the body’s entire endocrine system and hormones can become imbalanced.

Adrenal burn-out occurs when the adrenals are stressed and pushed to the point where they begin producing excessive amounts of cortisol and adrenaline, which results in progesterone in the body producing too many stress hormones. The adrenals become too sluggish, and then the other endocrine glands are not signaled to release their hormones, which results in the entire communication system in the endocrine glands breaking down.

Emotional trauma, living in a constant state of fight or flight, chemical toxins, lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, depression, poor diet, infections, and some prescription drugs, can all cause adrenal burn-out.

If the adrenals are exhausted, you may not produce enough progesterone, which is the pro-gestational hormone needed to get pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term.

Here are some ways to help strengthen your adrenals:

  • Take a Vitamin C supplement. The adrenal gland uses vitamin C at a higher rate than other cells in the body.
  • Don’t let your blood sugar levels get too low. Eat regular meals and never skip breakfast. Keep your blood sugar levels normal by eating healthy foods throughout the day.
  • Stop drinking coffee or drink no more than one cup of coffee a day. Caffeine depletes the body of B vitamins, which the adrenals need. Stop trying to energize and push your body by drinking another cup of coffee. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables that will provide your body with healthy forms of energy.
  • Drink lots of high-quality water.
  • Consider taking a Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and an adrenal gland supplement.
  • A high-quality liquid trace mineral supplement can help support the adrenal glands. Note: Although you may want to drastically reduce your intake of this supplement once you are pregnant, or consult with a doctor on the levels of minerals that are safe and healthy to take during pregnancy.
  • Make lifestyle changes that reduce stress in your life. Do you need to change jobs? Relocate? Take a hard and honest look at the way you live your daily life. Start including more activities in your life that eliminate stress and reduce a fight-or-flight way of living. These include: deep breathing, massage, daily walks by a lake, ocean or in a beautiful park.

Consider more time for prayer, journal writing, and positive visualization.

  • Foods that help adrenals include spinach, garlic, onions, green leafy vegetables and brown rice.
  • Almonds and cashews, which are high in magnesium, are very healthy for the adrenal system.
  • Eat more seeds, such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  • Avoid white flour products, soda, sugary fruit juices or anything that makes blood sugar levels rise rapidly.
  • Alternative health therapies, such as applied kinesiology, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy can restore a weakened adrenal system.
  • Getting more sleep and better sleep can help restore the adrenal glands. So, go to bed earlier, preferably aim for a 9 to 10 o’clock bedtime, and try to stop all technology and electronic stimulation about an hour before bed for a better quality sleep.
  • Sea salt, celtic salt or regular salt in moderate amounts can help the adrenal system provided that you don’t suffer from high-blood pressure.
  • Healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, ground flax seed or flax seed oil are excellent for burnt-out and exhausted adrenals.
  • Adrenal exhaustion can sometimes be caused by hidden food allergies. Find out if you are allergic to wheat, corn or dairy products.

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