Uterine Cleanse

You want to do everything possible to create the best and healthiest environment for your growing baby, and that means doing what is needed to create a healthy uterine lining for implantation of your embryos.

Conditions like hormonal imbalance, low circulation, or an unhealthy diet can impact the uterus. Other factors that impact the condition of the uterus include: stagnation of blood flow to the uterus, uterine fibroids, scar tissue from a cesarean, abdominal surgery, a D&C after a miscarriage, endometriosis, or a pelvic inflammatory disease caused by a sexually transmitted disease.

Here are some ways to cleanse and strengthen your uterus:

  • Goldenseal root cleanses the uterus.
  • Dong Quai, an herb, increases blood flow to the uterus and builds the uterine lining. It also tones and strengthens the uterus by regulating hormonal balance, improving uterine tone and is a blood tonic that helps circulation. It also relieves congestion and pain in the reproductive system.
  • Damiana, an herb, encourages circulation and blood supply to the uterus.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf or Red Raspberry Root has long been used as a uterine tonic to regulate and tone uterine muscles. It can be taken as a supplement or a tea.
  • Eat or juice dandelion leaves, spinach, beets, garlic and lemon.
  • Nettle Leaves is a uterine cleanser.
  • L-Arginine promotes synthesis of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.
  • Eating foods rich in zinc can help strengthen the uterus. These include pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and spinach.
  • Some health practitioners recommend propping one’s legs up against a wall 15 minutes a day to encourage increased blood flow to the uterus.
  • Avoid soy and peas.
  • Acupuncture can help bring more blood to your uterus. Let your acupuncturist know you are working on fertility and would like to improve your circulation to your uterus.
  • Eat blood nourishing foods, such as spinach and dates.
  • Pomegranates and pomegranate juice can help build uterine lining.
  • Chinese medicine adheres to the belief that it is important to keep the uterus and belly warm while trying to get pregnant. They suggest not drinking or eating anything too cold, wearing socks and keeping one’s feet warm at night. Do not go barefoot or wear flip-flops.

However, this does not mean overheating your body with a water bottle or doing anything that could overheat a growing fetus.

  • Write a letter to your womb. Let whatever wants to be said come up and be said. Express whatever you are feeling, whether it is anger, fear or lack of self-love. Do not repress any of your feelings. Allow yourself the freedom to speak your truth, whatever it is.
  • Practice deep breathing into your uterus and repeat the affirmation: I receive, I receive, I receive. I receive my baby, I receive my baby, I receive my baby.
  • Your uterus deserves acknowledgement, respect and unconditional love. It needs to be told it is strong enough, good enough and worthy enough to receive a baby.
  • A Native American fertility tradition is to wear a long skirt with no underwear, and sit on the ground to release whatever wounds are within you into the earth. As you do this, imagine your womb is a beautiful flowering place full of energy and light. Let the earth’s energy flow up to your uterus, so it can draw from the healing energy of the earth.
  • Pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain which reduces inflammation and breaks up proteins that prevent embryo implantation. Eating pineapple core a few days before and after an IVF cycle can help implantation. But stop eating pineapple immediately after any IVF or IUI or if you think if there is any chance you might be pregnant. While pineapple helps implantation, it is definitely not recommended for pregnancy.
  • Eat lots of blueberries. Research shows they contain anthocyanins that help maintain the lining of the uterus.
  • Brazil nuts contain selenium, that can thicken the uterine lining and help with implantation.
  • Foods with omega-3 fatty acids can improve blood flow to the uterus, such as salmon, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and olive oil.
  • See a massage therapist who is familiar with massage to help increase circulation to the uterus and unblock the reproductive system. Look for a massage therapist experienced in deep tissue massage or massage that is used to clear blocked energy in the organs.

Acupressure, myofacial release and reflexology can also offer massage that brings blood and oxygen to the reproductive organs.

  • Ask your uterus these questions: have you ever felt judged? Blamed? Abused? What do you need to heal? What can I do to help you feel loved and nurtured? Write the answers that come up from within you.
  • Visualize your uterus as a cozy, warm, loving and safe place for your baby. Repeat, write and sing these affirmations:

-my uterus is healthy and just right for my baby

-my uterus welcomes my baby

-my uterus is a safe and welcoming place for my baby

-my uterus is a healing, balanced, and loving home for my baby

-I love you uterus. Thank you for taking good care of my baby.

-Uterus, you are enough. You are enough to hold my baby.

-Dear uterus, I honor and respect you.

  • Supplements recommended to help implantation include zinc, Vitamin C, selenium and iron.
  • Important To Note: herbs used to strengthen and cleanse your uterus must be stopped once there is any chance you are pregnant or while taking infertility medications.

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