Strengthening Your Spleen and Digestive System

The spleen is an important organ involved in the hormonal cycle and is responsible for certain types of progesterone production. It also governs many of the energetic processes in the body. Balancing your digestive system and spleen can help you achieve the right balance of floras in your system.

The spleen also impacts the thyroid hormone and progesterone production. Some link menstrual difficulties to a spleen imbalance.

Some ways to balance these systems include:

• In Chinese medicine, the emotion associated with the Spleen system is worry. It is important for spleen health to learn to say no without reason or excuse and make a concerted effort to take care of yourself each day.

• Consider digestive enzymes, with hydrochloric acid, available at health food stores.

• Consider probiotics to increase the ‘good gut bacteria.’

• Avoid sodas and instead drink lots of water instead. Lack of water is sometimes the cause of poor digestion.

• Chew your food slowly

• Include ground flaxseeds in your diet.

• Increase fiber in your diet, with foods like apples, figs, prunes and dates.

• Acupuncture has been reported to encourage healthy digestion.

• Avoid sugar, white flour products, raw cold foods, soy and dairy products.

• Try to walk each day. Exercise helps move the spleen energy.

• Eliminate possible food allergens.

• Boost friendly bacteria in your body.

• Massage your stomach to help reduce stress and aid digestion.

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