Vegetable Based Drinks Can Boost Fertility

If you want to cleanse and strengthen your body, by all means go out and buy a juicer or some type of bullet and start making vegetable based drinks on a daily basis. Do it today! Now! As soon as possible! This can change your body in a very big way. Making vegetable drinks is a wonderful and effective way to cleanse, alkalize and strengthen the body—three things you need to do to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

When you make vegetable drinks, you are putting live food into your body. Many of the nutrients in foods are destroyed by cooking, so when you juice or blend vegetables, you are consuming these nutrients in an undisturbed form. It is one of the easiest, fastest ways to assimilate more nutrients into the body. Fresh, whole foods build healthy cells.

One of the health benefits of vegetable drinks is that it allows cellular cleansing on a deep level. When you are trying to fix an imbalance in the body, large amounts of fruits and vegetables can significantly help the body heal.

Making vegetable drinks helps your body become more alkaline, instead of acidic, which is a great booster in promoting fertility. Juicing will also give your body enhanced vitality.

Have I said enough about the power of daily vegetable drinks? Make yourself a healthy vegetable drink each day and you will feel and see almost immediately what a great healer and fertility enhancer it is.

To start, buy a juicer or bullet that is easy to handle, easy to clean and that you don’t find intimidating.

There are lots of good ones on the market.

A side note here: making vegetable drinks does not have to be overly time-consuming and complicated. If some of the recipes call for too many ingredients and overwhelm you, make vegetable drinks with one or two ingredients. Spinach and blueberries, spinach, flaxseed and blueberries, kale and strawberries, are just a few.

For me, a bag of spinach and some blueberries juiced each morning, or some garlic and lemon is often enough to put my body on the right track. Parsley, beets, kale can also be juiced alone. If you find eating fruit easy, I would stick to juicing vegetables that you might not normally consume as often. Many people like a spinach/apple combination that is also easy, quick and very effective.

Some juicing suggestions include:

• Garlic. I know, I know, it sounds horrible, but it really isn’t. Peel a few cloves of garlic and juice. Then combine the garlic juice with the juice of one or two squeezed lemons. Then pour in lots of water. I usually drink mine slowly. I have a jug of water ready, because if you start to feel sick from the garlic, slugging down lots of water helps ease the nausea. Garlic does great and wondrous things for the body—so start drinking. I promise—it is not as bad as it sounds!)

Some nutritionists have suggested that garlic can also help prevent miscarriages and enhance both male and female fertility.

• Juice spinach for heightened doses of folic acid. Spinach is one of the vegetables I would recommend juicing almost daily. There are so many health benefits to spinach. Some people like to juice spinach with apples, or with other greens. Find the combination you like.

• Along with spinach, beets, asparagus, garlic and kale are considered among the best vegetables for treating infertility. Pineapple, strawberries and oranges are considered among the best fruits for enhanced fertility. Create vegetable/fruit drinks with these combinations.

• Juice kale, chicory, romaine lettuce, parsley.

• Some vegetables to avoid include celery. It is recommended not to juice celery while pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

• Carrots and beets is a mixture that is very healthy for the liver. Carrots provide huge amounts of Vitamin A to the body in a natural form, which is important because Vitamin A deficiency can prevent eggs from properly maturing.

• Other juice combinations can include:
-Kale, pineapple and ginger detox.
-Pineapple, lemon and pomegranate
-Fennel, garlic and cabbage

• Other fruits and vegetables that can be juiced and are known to help fertility include red peppers, dark green leaf lettuce, onions, cabbage, broccoli and dark leafy greens.

• You can also add chia seeds, maca, flaxseeds, spirulina, cayenne pepper, and turmeric to your drinks.

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