How Electromagnetic Energy Impacts Your Fertility

There is research that suggests that electromagnetic fields can reduce fertility. Don’t get panicked about this, but just be aware of how much electromagnetic energy you come in contact with daily.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic energy:

  • Take all electrical devices out of your bedroom, or at least unplug them before you go to sleep at night.

Remove or unplug radios, TVs, stereos, alarm clocks and computers in your bedroom.

  • If you can, reduce your time in front of a computer. Surf the Internet only when you need to. Unplug your computer when not in use.
  • Keep your microwave unplugged and stand faraway from it while using it.
  • Reduce the time spent on your cell phone. Use your cell phone only for emergencies, and do not keep it in your pocket.
  • If you are using a cordless phone, change back to a standard fixed line when you are at home if you can.
  • For now, put away electric blankets.
  • Keep laptops off your body.
  • Unplug electrical appliances while not in use.
  • Use manual toothbrushes, not electric.

As much as possible, do things manually—also known as the old-fashioned way—at least for now. Whenever you can, reduce your time on devices that are wireless.
While we need these modern conveniences, reduce your time near them as much as possible. Instead, surround your body with as much natural forms of energy as possible, such sunlight.

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