How The Chemicals You Put On Your Body Affect Your Fertility

We all know that toxins and chemicals in our environment are not good for us, and while it is useless to obsess about this or try to control every element of this, there are some things that you can do to reduce the amount of chemical toxins that enter your system while you are trying to conceive.

A note of caution here: don’t get too paranoid. Despite the pollution in our environment, millions of babies are born every day in all parts of the world, smog filled or not. The human body is strong and can handle a lot—worrying about what is out of your control won’t do you any good right now.

Your body can handle more than you probably can imagine, and you are not a victim of even the most polluted environment. But when it is in your realm of control, do what you can do to keep your body chemical-free. Think about what you touch and take into your body that is within your realm of control.

Here are some ways to reduce the toxins that enter your system:

  • Try not to purchase soaps and cleaning products with the chemical triclocarban, or TCC in it.
  • Try to avoid using deodorant when you can, and if you feel it necessary, stick to a natural, aluminium-free deodorant.
  • Use regular soap, not anti-bacterial.
  • Buy natural cleaning products and laundry detergent.
  • Just for now, stop dyeing your hair or using nail polish.
  • Avoid products with perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) that are used to manufacture Teflon non-stick coatings and is in some personal care products. Products known to contain these chemicals include carpet and fabric protectors, microwave popcorn bags and stain-proof clothing.
  • Avoid Bisphenol or (BPA) when possible. It is used in plastic water bottles, plastic microwavable plates and utensils, tooth sealants, and soda cans.
  • Phthalate is a compound used in perfumes, cosmetics and hairsprays. For now, stop using these products.
  • Buy bottled water or put a filter on your tap water at home. You may even want to consider a filter for the water you shower and cook with.
  • Avoid painting or being around paint while pregnant.
  • Avoid lawn, plant, gardening or insect pesticides.
  • Be aware of dry cleaning chemicals and do not have clothes dry-cleaned at this time.
  • Be weary of super strength cleaners. When possible, use homemade or natural cleaners. If you do use strong cleaners, wear gloves whenever possible to avoid the chemical seeping into your skin.
  • Avoid carpet cleaners and air fresheners if you can.
  • Avoid smelling fumes from household cleaners.
  • Beware of plastics. Don’t microwave and eat from anything plastic while trying to conceive. If you purchase water in plastic jugs, try whenever possible to transfer the water to a glass jug. Plastics can seep into your system and impact your immune system. Do not purchase foods that have to be microwaved in plastic.
  • Buy an air purifier for your home.
  • Stop using cleaning products with ingredients you cannot identify. Buy only natural cleaning products, with ingredients you can pronounce and understand.
  • Just for now, stop using all chemical products on your hair and nails.
  • To remove environmental toxins from your body, consider one or more of the following: a liver cleanse, colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, parasite and/or yeast.
  • Find a professional in your area that offers a bio cleanse ionic foot bath, which is an effective way to remove toxins from the body. Some companies sell foot pads that can be used to detox and remove toxins.
  • Put more household plants in your house to help filter toxins from the air, or consider a HEPA filter for your home.
  • Stay aware of chemicals that you ingest, smell, or put on your skin and can enter your body.

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