Does Your Weight Impact Your Fertility?

Consider Your Weight

Being overweight can cause your body to produce excess insulin, which stimulates the ovaries to produce testosterone male-like hormones. Being overweight can also cause hormonal irregularities and increase one’s risk of miscarriage. So if you are overweight, do what you can do lose weight.

When I was trying to get pregnant for a second time, I was told that if I lost weight, my chances for conception would improve significantly. So I went to Friendly’s, enjoyed a big five-scoop sundae with lots of hot fudge, and then I joined Weight Watchers. Over the course of seven months, I lost almost 50 pounds. I do believe this helped in my ultimately getting pregnant.

My diet consisted of a lean turkey meat sandwich with healthy bread and mustard, instead of mayonnaise. I also ate a lot of bowls of romaine lettuce and parsley as snacks at work. I was sometimes called a ‘rabbit’ by my co-workers, and my nightly treat was sugar free, fat free pudding, although I stopped eating this the closer I got to the IVF procedure. I also ate a lot of Weight Watcher’s garden vegetable soup.

Cut down on white flour products, sugary juices, sodas and sugar.  Write down everything you eat each day. Prepare snacks of cut and washed fruits and vegetables ahead of time each night, so you don’t slip during the day. Find a support group or therapist to help if you relied on food to cope with emotional needs, such as loneliness or frustration. Do one thing each day to lose weight.

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