Hidden Conditions That Threaten Your Fertility

Conditions That Might Be Threatening Your Fertility

 Some of these conditions could be among the causes of your infertility. 

  • Do You Have An Iron Deficiency?

Some studies have found a link between low iron intake and infertility. Low iron, or anemia, can increase the body’s risk for being unable to produce healthy eggs. This is because a lack of iron can cause anovulation, or lack of ovulation and in turn, poor egg health. Being low in iron can cause eggs stored in the ovaries to be weak and unviable.

A lack of iron in the body also results in an insufficient number of red blood cells, which are responsible for delivering oxygen to the ovaries and  uterus. Ask your physician for a test to see if you are anemic or low in iron. You may want to consider taking a high-quality iron supplement, either in capsule or liquid form, or a multivitamin that has iron in it. Some studies have shown that it is best to take a vegetable based iron, rather than animal based.

  • Eat more foods high in iron. These include spinach, beets, molasses, pumpkin seeds, asparagus.

Other iron rich foods include:

  • Kale, broccoli, lean red meat, asparagus, parsley, kidney beans, lentils, apricots, and chicken.
  • When you get pregnant, make sure your iron levels are sufficient throughout your pregnancy.
  • Select an iron supplement that includes nutrients that help iron absorption, which are B12 (folic acid) and Vitamin C.

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