Your Back and Spine’s Role In Your Fertility

Do not underestimate the role your spine plays in your body’s mechanics. There are studies that have shown a link between spinal adjustments and increased fertility, because the nerves to the reproductive system run through the spine. When the back is misaligned, the nerves can misfire and cause a hormone imbalance. Getting your spine and body in alignment can help all your organs function at a higher level and increase your energy flow.

Consider finding an experienced chiropractor and getting an adjustment. A chiropractor can identify spinal distortions, also called subluxations, that once corrected can improve infertility. If your spine is properly aligned, your nervous system will have a better chance of working at maximum capacity. Think of what happens when your car is properly aligned–your wheels last longer and other parts of your car work better because they are not having to compensate for an unaligned car. The body works in much the same way.

If your spine is out of alignment, your legs or hips can also be off and
weaken the energy and flow in your lower body.

Infections can live in your spine, and if your spine has an infection, it can impact the way your organs communicate with one another.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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