How Alcohol and White Flour Impact Your Fertility

At this time, it is best to stop all alcohol. A glass of wine occasionally when trying to get pregnant might not hurt, but nothing more and no hard liquors. Many studies suggest that the higher your alcohol consumption, the less chance you have of conceiving. Alcohol can impair the detoxifying process that occurs within the liver, and if the liver is working hard to metabolize alcohol, it can become run down and sick. Too much alcohol can also contribute to hormonal imbalances.

Alcohol can adversely affect ovulation and affect the body’s ability to produce the amino acids necessary for cell development.

How many white flour products do you eat each day? Do you start your day with a bagel, donut or white bread toast? If so, get rid of white flour in your life as much as possible. An occasional bowl of spaghetti may be okay, but in general, you want to reduce the white flour products in your life as much as you can. White flour products, including pasta, bagels and bread, are not health builders and will not advance your goal of becoming pregnant. If you feel extremely weak and lethargic after eating white flour products, you may have celiac disease or a wheat intolerance. Symptoms include stomachaches, fatigue, bloating and flatulence. Check labels and brands. Some sources of white flour can include:

• Alcohol
• Crackers
• Cereals
• Corn flour
• Cake and cookie mixes
• Pancake mixes
• Muffin mixes
• Puddings
• Pretzels
• Donuts
• Foods with artificial colorings and preservatives
• Sweet and sour glazes
• Sweet sauces
• Soy sauce
• Ice cream cones
• Foods containing malt
• Powdered or canned soups
• Fast foods
• Gravies

Instead, choose wheat-free products made from rice, oat, rye, and puffed rice cereals.

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