Powerful Foods To Help Cure Your Infertility

When working towards healing from infertility, never for one moment underestimate the power of the foods you eat.

Right now, this moment, you need to begin seeing everything you eat and drink as either a potential healer of your infertility or a potential destroyer of your fertility.

The foods you eat right now could mean the difference between getting pregnant and not getting pregnant. This is how important the food component of your fertility journey is.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can drink lots of coffee, eat white flour products, sugar, and processed, fast-foods and it won’t impact your body’s ability to conceive.

Yes, there are some women who can live off fast food and still get pregnant whenever they choose—but there are also millions of women whose fertility is being stolen by the foods they eat.

To prepare for pregnancy, it is key that you plan, choose and decide to eat as healthy as possible to maximize your body’s ability to have a baby.

Don’t be trapped into thinking that you can eat the way you’ve always eaten and still heal your body.

If getting pregnant is not coming easily to you, you need to change your eating habits and let go of archaic ideas about food that could be holding your body back.

Every time you are tempted by that chocolate bar in the vending
machine at work, or a cup of coffee, or a cracker with lots of hydrogenated oil, remind yourself that chocolate bar, or that cup of coffee, or that cracker, could be what ultimately prevents you from having a baby.

If you think a bagel, cream cheese and coffee is a healthy way to start to the day, think again.

It is simple: what you eat can make you weak or make you strong. The right foods can heal your infertility and the wrong ones can rob you of your right to be a mother.

Here are some tips that will help you use food as a way to heal your infertility and prepare your body for pregnancy:

To start:

• Stop Or Reduce Your Coffee Consumption

Do you drink coffee? You need to consider stopping. As much as you can, preferably stop all coffee. If you can’t stop, drink no more than a half a cup to a cup a day. That’s it. Ideally, do everything you can to say goodbye to coffee for now. Coffee is an enemy of your fertility. Every time you are tempted to drink coffee, remind yourself that this cup of coffee could rob you of the ability to give birth to children. Get rid of all caffeine products in your life. Extreme, maybe, but coffee can weaken key organs, such as the liver, and right now, you need to stack the odds in your favor.

Some studies have shown that women who drink high amounts of coffee take up to three times longer to conceive, and even small amounts of coffee can hamper fertility.

To cope with the lack of coffee in your life, you may need to go to bed earlier and eat healthier to compensate for the energy the coffee gave you to get through the day. Coffee cannot be your fuel or main source of energy anymore. Your energy has to come from healthy foods, vitamins, juices, exercise and other genuinely healthy energy-producing sources.

As you detoxify and strengthen your body, your energy will increase and come from your inner core of health—not coffee, an imposter who pretends to hand you energy, but ultimately steals it. Say goodbye to coffee and hello to food sources that genuinely fuel you.

• Eliminate Most Sugars

Do you eat lots of sweets? Realize that donuts, candy, cake, and other foods with sugar weaken your body and can prevent you from becoming pregnant.

Sugar puts your body in a diseased, acidic state. Sugar can cause hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, high insulin levels, and a compromised immune system. While an occasional sweet is okay, overall you’ll want to drastically reduce the sugar in your life.
It can be hard to quit eating all sweets entirely. Many of us have sugar cravings, but overall you want to drastically reduce the amount of sugar you consume.

You’ll also need to be be aware and carefully examine the foods you eat that may have hidden sugars in them. Read labels carefully as sugar content varies by brand. Always remember: if its packaged, there is a chance it might have sugar in it.

Foods you need to be aware of for potential sugar content include:

• Yogurt
• Cereals
• Canned vegetables
• Canned soups
• Breakfast bars
• Salad dressing
• Condiments
• White flour products.
• Breads and rolls
• Juices
• Fast foods
• Barbecue sauce
• Soda
• Spaghetti sauce
• Energy drinks
• Dried fruit
• Crackers

• Products that list ingredients such as, dextrose, fructose, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate, lactose, sorbitol, xylitol, maltodetrin and turbinado sugar, polydextrose, mannitol, and turbinado sugar. Ingredients ending in ‘ose’ is often a likely form of sugar.
• Oatmeal
• Protein bars
• Ice tea
• Ketchup
• Frozen meal entrees, even diet ones
• Syrups
• Jelly and jams
• Fruit juice concentrate
• Bouillon cubes
• Bacon
• Luncheon meats

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How Hydrogenated Oils, aka Trans Fats, Interfere With Fertility Hormones

Another category of food you need to consider cutting from your diet entirely are foods made with hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats. Several studies have shown that women with fertility problems eat more trans fats or hydrogenated oils than fertile women. Hydrogenated oil is a man-made food substance used widely throughout the food industry because it lengthens the shelf life of many foods and is cost effective.

Trans fats interfere with the metabolic processes in the body, because they take the place of essential fatty acids that perform critical functions. Trans fats clog up the space that natural fats should occupy, making it difficult for essential nutrients to pass in and out of the cells. Bodily functions are altered by these artificial molecules that enter the system.
Various studies have shown that women who eat a diet high in hydrogenated oils are at increased risk for developing endometriosis.

The World Health Organization has tried to outlaw trans fats for decades.

Some say trans fats work against the body, because they cause a cell-by-cell failure that destroys the flexibility of healthy cell membranes—basically tearing the body down from the inside out.

Trans fats increase bad cholesterol, block production of chemicals that combat inflammation and benefit the body’s hormonal and nervous systems. Trans fats are also linked to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

They interfere with the absorption of essential fatty acids and DHA, and weaken cell walls and compromise cellular structure.

That means, if you are trying to get pregnant, you need to dramatically reduce eating foods made with hydrogenated oils, corn oil, vegetable oil, transfats and corn syrup.

Be sure to read food labels carefully so you are aware of what products contain hydrogenated oils.

Fast food restaurants often serve a lot of foods loaded with hydrogenated oils. Cake, pancake, biscuit, and cookie mixes are usually made with hydrogenated oils.

Diet foods that promise ‘no fat’ often have hydrogenated oils.

Labels that say partially hydrogenated, or hydrogenated, contain trans fats. Even foods that promise to be trans fat free may contain up to 0.5 grams of partially hydrogenated oil, a source of trans fats.

Remember that if you see the word ‘hydrogenated’ or partially hydrogenated, it means it contains a trans fat. Hydrogenated oils are also trans fats, and that includes hydrogenated coconut or soybean oil.

Read labels carefully because hydrogenated oil content can vary by brand.

Begin to replace hydrogenated oils with healthy oils your body needs, such as olive oil, coconut oil and flax seed oil.

It is best to avoid as many pre-packaged foods that you can at this time. Foods to be aware of can include:

• Commercially baked cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, donuts
• Crackers
• Peanut butter
• Frozen meals
• Frozen bakery items
• French fries
• Whipped toppings
• Margarines
• Cake frosting
• Taco shells
• Microwave popcorn
• Breakfast cereals
• Corn chips and potato chips
• Frozen pizzas and frozen burritos
• Low-fat ice creams
• Pre-made noodle soups and soup mixes
• Bread
• Pasta mixes
• Sauce mixes
• Deep fried foods
• Frozen breakfast foods
• Packaged snacks
• Many different types of candies
• Some salted peanuts
• White bread
• Non-dairy creamers
• Tortillas
• Donuts
• Peanut butter
• Ice cream and low fat ice cream
• Hamburger and hot dog buns
• Movie popcorn
• Frozen pizza
• Refrigerated dough products
• Most fried foods—ask what type of oil the product is fried in
• Piecrust
• Cake mixes
• Pancakes and pancake mixes
• Waffles
• Frozen burgers
• Beef hot dogs
• Refrigerated cookie dough
• Biscuits and sweet rolls
• Refrigerated dough
• Breakfast sandwiches
• Meat sticks
• Crunchy noodles
• Canned chili
• Packaged pudding
• Fish sticks
• Low-fat ice cream
• Frozen burritos
• Noodle soup cups
• Cocoa or hot chocolate mix
• Instant mashed potatoes
• Gravy mixes
• Dips
• Potato chips
• Frozen pot pies
• Sandwiches grilled at a restaurant
• Reduced fat and fat free noodles
• Spreads

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