Tests You Can Request At the Fertility Clinic

Don’t expect or just wait for your doctor to recommend a test or advanced treatment. Request it! If they won’t do it, go somewhere else and find a doctor and/or clinic that will accommodate your requests.

Some tests you may want to request include:

– Fibroids or fibroid tumors
-Polycystic ovarian syndrome
-Hormone imbalance
-Ovulation problems
-Luteinizing hormone (LH) testing
-Progesterone testing
-Estradiol Level testing
-Laparoscopy to investigate possible scarring, cysts, fibroid tumors or other abnormalities
-Post coital testing
-A thyroid test
-FSH Level
-Fallopian Tube testing, that can include sonohysterogram, hysterosalpingogram, and lapascropy to check if your fallopian tubes are blocked.
-Endometrial biopsy
-Transvaginal ultrasound
-Hysteroscopy: to look for growth or defects in the uterus that cannot be seen with other tests.
– Screen for sexually transmitted diseases

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