Wild Salmon and Other Foods That Help Restore Infertility

Here are some more foods that help restore fertility:

Wild Salmon

According to Chinese medicine, salmon is good for nourishing the yin and blood, helping to generate healthy follicles and ample amounts of cervical fluid.

Lean Cuts of Meat

When possible, choose lean cuts of meat. An overload of heavy red meat can work against your fertility.

Drink Lots of Good Quality Water

Drinking a lot of the right water can do so much to enhance your fertility. Water increases cervical fluid which is key in conception. Water can help sperm stay alive for days. Water also facilitates the transport of hormones and plumps up follicles.

The key is that along with drinking a lot of water, you need to drink high-quality water. Do you drink tap water? What is the quality of the water in your community? For now, start buying purified water and use it for all your drinking and cooking needs. Put a filter on your tap water. As much as you can, stop drinking water out of plastic bottles that can contain the chemical bisphenol A, also known as BPA. Keep your water stored in glass containers, rather than plastic.

Start Your Day Drinking Lemon in Warm Water

Lemon enhances your immunity and increases liver and digestive health.

Brown Rice

 Replace white rice with brown rice for enhanced nutrition. Brown rice is a slow carbohydrate, which means a gradual rise in blood sugar after being eaten

Dancing To Fertility Book

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