A Month Later…

A month has passed, and I’m back to have this thing put in my vagina to prepare for tomorrow’s polyp removal.

It is so uncomfortable. Actually it hurt really bad. Tonight, I laid in bed and Chris rubbed my back until I went to sleep. This is so uncomfortable and awlful.

The most upsetting part of this procedure is the idea of going under anesthesia. I almost didn’t want the operation because the whole anesthesia thing is frightening to me. I probably drove everyone crazy today asking about a million questions about anesthesia and the dangers of it. I talked to the anesthesiologist and he explained that now they insert a tube in your throat so they always know whether you are breathing or not, when in times past, they didn’t have that precaution. That eased my fears a lot, because I remember all the horror stories about people going under anesthesia and never coming out.

The procedure turned out not to be bad at all. When I woke up, I barely felt sore.

Actually, I felt pretty good after the operation, except it was
extremely boring to lay in the ugly recovery room waiting to be sent home. The room was gray, with metal pipes on the ceiling, and it looked like something left over from World War II. When we got home, Leah was waiting to greet me.

I am excited because maybe that polyp was my trouble all along–the hidden reason I was not getting pregnant. Maybe I will get pregnant next month! Good thing I came to this clinic or I would have never known about this polyp. Next month I can start on a new cycle. Maybe pregnancy is close behind.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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