A Visit to the Nutritionist

I decide to get an appointment with an iridologist/nutritionist in Maine. I want to compliment my infertility treatments with holistic medicine so I can get to the root of my problem.

The nutritionist/iridologist is named Sarah M. and she comes highly recommended. She spends almost three hours with me. She starts by analyzing my body through iridology, which is taking an x-ray of my eye and looking at what it tells about my body. She asks me lots of questions. I tell her that I have no energy. Sometimes, by 1 o’clock in the afternoon, even if I’ve done nothing all morning, I am exhausted and just want to watch TV in bed.
She recommends a large number of vitamins and herbs. Since I can only afford to buy about five bottles, I ask her what are the top five supplements I need. She said not to worry: my father had called ahead and offered to pay for everything. That’s my Dad for you—always so generous and obviously very sorry that he hurt my feelings a few weeks ago. I was so surprised and relieved—now I could get all the vitamins and herbs I needed! It seems my liver, blood and colon all need cleansing. I went home with about 15 bottles. I didn’t even want to look at the bill since I felt so guilty that my Dad was paying. I know he spent a lot.

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