Emotional Healing Through Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology can provide you with some incredible emotional healing from trauma or sadness trapped in your body.

Our emotions have a physical component and can be energetically trapped in our body, impacting not only our emotional self, but our physical self too.

Sometimes, an event or experience can be so painful, that the emotional trauma of it physically lodges itself permanently in the body. This explains why some memories, betrayals, and traumas can feel so recent decades after they occurred, even when we try to let go and forget them.

In applied kinesiology, a chiropractor or holistic practitioner will use what is referred to a “the gun” or activator to release trauma and emotional pain in your body.

One way to help release trapped traumas in your body is to write a list of all the people, experiences, and events in your life that have hurt you. Give the kinesiologist this list, and ask them to muscle test and locate where these memories have physicall lodged themselves in your body. Once found, the kinesiologist can activate the “gun” to release or free these emotional energy blocks in your body. Once these traumas leave your body, you’ll find yourself feeling better, both emotionally and physically. Your body will no longer be weighed down by intensely negative emotions that do impact your organs and entire body system.

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