Fertility-Enhancing Foods for Men

Here are the foods your guy should eat to maximize his fertility.

• Lots of Green Vegetables: Green vegetables are needed to make your guy’s body more alkaline. Juicing a glass of green juice each day is one way to ensure your husband has the greens he needs.

• Spinach is high in potassium, which improves sperm concentration.

• Cauliflower provides choline, that has been shown to improve sperm quality.

• Add extra tomatoes to his salad, as some studies have shown that the lycopene in tomatoes increase sperm count.

• Red peppers, kiwi, lemons and strawberries are all high in Vitamin C which has been shown to improve sperm count and motility.

• Sardines are rich in Omega 3’s and a good source of Coenzyme Q10.

• Avocado has L-carnitine which promotes healthy sperm, can boost sperm motility and is packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 and folic acid.
• Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, loaded with omega-3 and should be a daily part of his diet.

• Broccoli is high in selenium

• Wheat germ and almonds are high in Vitamin E

• Whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice

• Extra-virgin olive oil

• Oysters contain a high level of zinc, which helps increase production of sperm and testosterone.

• Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral that boosts sperm production and mobility.

• Walnuts contains arginine, which increases semen volume and Omega-3s that improve blood flow to the penis.

• Molasses

• Apricots
• Watermelon

• Sesame seeds
• Maca
• Spirulina

• Foods High In Antioxidants: Sperm is damaged by free radicals and antioxidants can prevent cell damage. High antioxidant foods include: blueberries, blackberries, kale, garlic, Brussels sprouts, plums, red peppers, broccoli and red peppers.
• Asparagus: contain high amounts of Vitamin C, which prevents sperm from oxidizing and protects the cells of testes.

• Bananas: contain bromelain, that help increase stamina and boosts the body’s ability to make sperm.

• Wild fish

• Dark chocolate contains L-Arginine, an amino acid related to the arginine in walnuts.

• Garlic contains allicin which increases blood flow to the genitals.

• Pomegranate contains an intense cocktail of antioxidants that can lower a chemical in the blood called malondialidehyde that destroys sperm.

• Organic Free Range Meat: Some nutritionists recommend eating organically-raised, free range meats, instead of conventional meat that contains hormones and antibiotics. Eat grass fed and organic cattle.

Conventionally raised cattle can sometimes contain high levels of hormones and antibiotics which can contribute to estrogen dominate conditions.

• Free Range Organic Chicken: Conventionally raised chicken is sometimes full of antibiotics and hormones which can negatively impact hormonal health.

• Kiwi fruit is high in zinc, which helps protect sperm from chromosomal and bacterial damage.

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