Green Tea May Help Create better quality Eggs and More Viable Embryos

For better quality eggs and more viable embryos, consider drinking two or more cups of green tea a day. Green tea contains polyphenols and hypoxanthine, which increase the percentage of viable embryos. Hypoxanthine enhances the follicular fluid that helps eggs mature and be ready for fertilization.

Green tea also contains polyhenols that act as an antioxidant and gets rid of unwanted toxins in the body. Green tea can help repair oxidative damage that occurs in the body due to stress, aging and the environment. Drink in moderation, as it can decrease the body’s absorption of iron and decrease the effects of folic acid, so you might want to make sure you taking adequate amounts of iron and folic acid at the same time.

You should reduce the amount of green tea you drink once you are pregnant or if there is even a slight chance you are pregnant. The polyphenols in green tea that help prevent chromosomal abnormalities in your eggs can cause an embryo to miscarry or fail to implant.

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