Healthy Oils, such as Olive Oil and Flaxseed Oil, Can Help Women Beat Infertility

Because fat intake is so vital to fertility, include olive oil, coconut oil and flaxseed oil in your diet. Healthy fats, as opposed to trans fats, can make the body more fertile, reduce inflammation in the body and increase insulin sensitivity.

Olive oil, like avocados, has monounsaturated fat, which helps assist in reproduction. Some people have taken a mixture of olive oil, honey and mustard seed to enhance their fertility.

Flax seed oil helps the hormones hit the receptor cells in a precise way so they can work at their maximum capacity. This helps the membranes in the receptor cells be more flexible, run more smoothly and makes it easier for hormones to bind with. It also encourages healing in the uterus, and is rich in omega fatty acids.

Coconut oil helps maintain hormonal balance for reproduction and helps thyroid function and ovulation cycles.

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