Kissing, Hugging, and Other Tips On Getting Pregnant

• You may have heard that when you are trying to get pregnant, intercourse should only take place every few days to help build sperm levels. This is actually untrue. The more you do it, the better – so when you are ovulating, enjoy every moment you have together!
• Do not use any lubricants or oils when trying to get pregnant.
• Find intimate positions that allow for deep penetration.
• After intercourse, remain in bed for 30 minutes.
• Do not urinate 30 minutes after intercourse.
• Go to acupuncture once or twice a few days before an IUI or IVF to balance and strengthen your body.

• If you are already seeing a myofascial release specialist or a kinesiologist, get a treatment a few days before your IUI or IVF to help prepare your body to receive.

• Set aside time and finds places to relax, preferably outside in nature, before and after your IUI or IVF. Can you spend a few days at a local beach or lake right after an IVF? Spending time in sunlight also helps.

• Eat extra healthy foods the week of the IUI and IVF, and, of course, afterwards.

• After an IUI, ask if you can remain on the table for 25 to 40 minutes. Put your legs up against the wall to help the sperm travel to your eggs. Or don’t ask permission if you think the answer is going to be no—and just take a really, really long time dressing. They can’t force you out.

• Some studies suggest that touching, caressing and other forms of physical stimulation can increase hormones, thus improving chances for conception. Before an IUI or IVF, make out with your husband, touch each another, and get yourself a little bit ‘in the mood.’
• Do not urinate 30 minutes after an IUI or IVF.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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