Prepare For The Hard times By Creating Happiness Zones in Your Life

You need from the very start of your infertility journey to create happiness zones that will give you some comfort and joy when the going gets tough.

A happiness zone is anything that nudges you gently over to a road of happiness, and shields you, even for a few minutes, from feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger and nervousness. A happiness zone can be a place you love to visit, time spent with a person who always leaves you feeling happy, a favorite picture, a game, hobby or a pet.

The more happiness zones you create in your life, the easier the hard times will be to endure. A happiness zone can be a weekly date with a friend, a singing or acting class, a knitting group, a book club, buying yourself flowers every Tuesday, taking yourself to a weekly picnic, or buying a fish tank, a cat or a plant.

Set up routines so you have pleasant experiences to look forward to each week. Is there a beautiful park nearby that you can take a walk at once a week? A place in your yard you can sit 15 minutes a day and enjoy the sunshine?

Have videos, music and books readily available that make you laugh and feel positive. Surround yourself with music that transport you back to happy times in your life.

Ask yourself: what makes me happy? Include these in your life more often! What can you do to make breakfast more enjoyable? Your drive to work? Your lunch hour or break time? Evenings at home? Saturday mornings?

Break it down by the hour if you have to—what would elevate your feelings of joy? It can be anything, from taking out your collection of childhood teddy bears and displaying them in the living room, to doing karaoke once a week with a new group of friends, to reading a chapter of the Bible daily.

Think about what made you happy when you were a child, a teenager and a young adult. Get ready to tap into the most ancient parts of yourself and start including those long-forgotten activities in your life.

In whatever ways you can, add fun and comfort to your home, your routines, and your life. These will lift you up as you walk this road.

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