Prepare to Banish the ‘No-You-Don’t-Deserve-That Monster’ Who May Lurk In Your Subconscious

Inside many of us, there lives a little no monster who is always telling us ‘no’.

The little no-monster wants to punish and deny us.

The little no-monster will say, ‘no, you can’t have that!’ ‘no you can’t do that!’ ‘no you don’t deserve that!’ ‘no someone like you will never get that!’

If you are going to harness all your power to make a baby, you need to set the ‘no-monster’ straight right from the beginning, and let it know ‘yes, I can have a baby’ ‘yes, I deserve a baby’ ‘yes, I am capable of giving birth.’

Tell the no-monster ‘yes I can get pregnant’, ‘yes my body is strong enough to conceive a child and hold it safely for nine months’, ‘yes someone like me will have a baby’ ‘yes, I deserve this to work out.’

The no-monster will remind you of all the times in your life you tried and failed. It will remind you of all the times you really, really wanted something and you failed to get it. It will remind you of all the things you didn’t achieve and all the people who hurt you. It will say over and over again that you are not the kind of person who ever gets what you want. It will tell you that you are a failure. It will tell you that woman with your type of personality/childhood/family history/experiences/ can’t do this.

You need to tell the no-monster to SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!

You need to squash that voice, argue it away, and put your inner yes master to work.

Because inside you also lives a ‘yes master.’ The ‘yes master’ believes in you and knows you can win. This ‘yes master’ knows very well that you are very capable of having a baby.

Allow this ‘yes master’ to scream right out loud that yes, you deserve a baby. Yes, you will get what you want. Yes, you can achieve what you set out to achieve. The yes-master will remind you of all those times in your life when you worked hard and achieved your goal.

It will remind you that miracles happen everyday, and people who never imagined they could get pregnant somehow end up having beautiful babies.

It will remind you that although your road may be long and hard, you can still reach your destination. The ‘yes master’ will encourage you to never give up. It will help you tap into the strong, courageous part of you who is able to step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to win.

Let the ‘yes-master’ be your friend through this ordeal, and tell the ‘no- monster’ to shove off.

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