Prepare To Be Self-Disciplined

Infertility treatments require a lot of self-discipline.

It takes self-discipline not to delve into a box of donuts when you are stressed.

It takes self-discipline to get to the clinic for blood work and ultrasound at 6 a.m.

It takes self-discipline to go to bed early.

It takes self-discipline to keep going to a myofascial release expert or a chiropractor week after week.

It takes self-discipline to remember to buy some walnuts and pumpkin seeds, put them in snack bags and bring them to work to eat during break, instead of grabbing something fast from the vending machine. It takes self-discipline to walk each morning to relieve stress.

Self-discipline means following through on what you start. Self-discipline means getting to your appointments on time. Self-discipline means continuing with treatments and foods that can heal you—even when they are inconvenient and boring. Being self-disciplined will help you stay consistent. It will help you say no when you want to say yes. Or say yes when you wish you could say no.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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