Prepare To Get Organized

Getting organized is an important part of this journey. Purchase a date book or a blackberry where you can keep track of all your appointments.

Keep a notebook, preferably with pockets, where you can jot down any and all information that might help you with your treatments.
Helpful ideas, information from holistic practitioners, doctors and nurses, can all be stored in this notebook.

The more organized you are, the smoother this whole process will go.

What helped me was a daily calendar at-a-glance appointment book where I kept all phone numbers and appointments related to my infertility treatments.

I also had a big green notebook where I kept all information I gathered from books, magazine articles, television specials, on topics related to infertility, such as infertility medications, foods to help heal infertility. Anything I read or heard that might be of help to me all went into that notebook. Having all my information in one place helped me follow-up on things I learned.

Infertility treatments can be a bit like starting a new job: a lot is expected and there is little time to adjust.

You may need to organize what you will eat each day–no more
‘I-have-nothing-in-the-house-so-sugar/fast food/low quality food/ will have to due.’

Any vitamins or herbs you will be taking need also to be organized. If you are doing several cleanses in preparation of fertility treatments, you’ll need to organize these also.

In addition to keeping track and being on time for all your appointments with the infertility clinic, you’ll also need to keep track of any appointments with alternative practitioners, such as chiropractors or acupuncturists.

If you are also planning to add some stress-relieving type of exercises into your daily routine, you’ll also need to do some time management and scheduling to make this happen.

You’ll also need to organize foods, snacks and containers for these items, so that you always have on hand healthy foods, instead of being forced to eat junk food or fast foods, because you are starving and nothing is available. That might also mean preparing foods at night for the next day, washing fruits or vegetables and putting them in bags, or cooking several healthy meals ahead of time and freezing them.

When I began to seriously understand the role I needed to play in my own healing, I had to schedule time for light swimming, time to prepare healthy foods the night before work and acupuncture appointments.

Being well-organized will also help you when you feel emotionally shaky and unsure of your next step. Knowing what you need to do tomorrow can help keep you on track moving forward towards your goal.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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