Prepare To Never, Never, Never Give Up

Get ready to persevere, persist, and try try again. You need to decide right now that you will jump over every hurdle, cross every river, take every risk, to reach your goal of becoming a parent.

From the start, you need to decide that giving up is not an option–unless you come to a point that you’ve found peace with not having biological children and have found another alternative that feels like the right path to take.

Persevering means that you will stay with this until you reach your desired outcome.

A note here: If you decide to change your goal, from perhaps giving birth to a biological child to adopting a child, that is not giving up, but making a different, but wonderful, life choice.

Or if you decide having children is not a priority, that is fine too. Persevering is worth it if you desire the goal and quitting feels like the worst option.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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