Prepare to Put Certain Parts of Your Life on Hold

Infertility requires a certain amount of sacrifice. Certain aspects of your life will have to put on hold. Getting pregnant and healing from infertility requires that you make this a priority in your life. It may mean that some of your goals will have to be put on hold, routines will have to be changed, so that all your resources and focus can be on having a baby. You may have to use extra money for treatments that you normally would have used for other things. You might have to put certain house renovations on hold.

You might not be able to commit to as many social functions. You might have to scale back on your work, or use all your vacation time or sick time on infertility treatments. You may need to set aside time at night to prepare healthy foods, instead of watching TV. You might have to be at the clinic early in the morning for blood work, maybe a lot earlier than you used to being out. Sometimes, you may have to change your entire work schedule.

Getting your body ready for conception may mean giving up things and putting in place other things. It may mean a change in lifestyle, a change in eating habits, a change in routine, a change in how you spend your money, a change in where you spend your time, where you vacation, and how you live your life on many levels. These sacrifices will eventually not seem so bad, but preparing for them right from the start will be helpful, so you are not surprised or thrown off course when they happen.

Sacrifice requires keeping your eye on the outcome rather
than on the deprivation of the moment.

Sacrifice requires being flexible, and understanding that eventually, you can get back to your normal life and routines, but not right now–right now, your goal of getting pregnant has to take precedence.

Healing from your infertility needs to be a high priority in
your life. You can’t do infertility treatments and expect to do 1,000 other
things at the same time.

When I realized I was in need of some serious healing, any extra money I had went to alternative holistic treatments that complimented my regular healing. I committed to acupuncture weekly. It costs me $40 a treatment. To many of you, that may not seem like a lot of money, but it was enough to mean I couldn’t enjoy some small pleasures I once enjoyed, especially when I went a few times a week.

I don’t know what sacrifices you will have to make, what money you’ll have to spend, what time you will need to put aside.

For me, infertility treatments meant no new clothes, no wild romps of eating anything I wanted. All extra money went to alternative holistic health treatments. Things like new items for the house became distant memories from the past.

We even had a friend live in our basement who paid $400 a month in rent–most of that extra money went towards alternative health treatments to aid in my body’s healing.

Expect that, for awhile, certain parts of your life will be put on hold, so that you can give 100 percent of your energy, time and resources to getting pregnant.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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