Prepare to receive

Becoming pregnant is, in part, an act of receiving. Being open to conceiving a baby is the act of receiving a precious gift—a gift you very much deserve.

So starting now, get yourself in the habit of receiving.
Make receiving something you feel very comfortable with. Buy yourself small gifts every week, so that receiving becomes something you get used to.

Write down all the good things you’ve received in your life, things you willingly allowed yourself to receive, things that came to you just because you are a human and good things can sometimes flow to us if we allow ourselves to receive it.
Think of all the things you easily and freely receive in your life, such as air, gravity, sunshine, and a womb where your child can grow.

Wrap small presents and give them to yourself as a reminder that you, as a human being on this earth, have a right to receive good things.

Remember: you don’t need to be perfect to receive good things.

You can be flawed, imperfect, and still be worthy of receiving good things.

Sometimes you will receive good things just because.

Sometimes you will receive good things because you worked hard for them.

Sit outside and allow yourself to receive the warmth of the sun. Sit under a tree and let yourself receive its cooling shade. Sit by the ocean and let yourself receive the calming sound of the waves.

Each week, take note of all the wonderful things you received that week–from a text that brightened your day, to a hug or kiss, to a good night’s sleep, to a glimpse of something unexpected that just made you happy.

Let the emotion and experience of receiving begin to feel natural to

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