Prepare to Say Goodbye to Guilt, Shame and Self-Blame

Infertility is not a weakness, a curse, or a sin. Infertility is not something you should feel guilty about.

It is not your fault and it certainly doesn’t mean you are not meant to be a mother.

Infertility is a temporary physical condition that can be treated and healed. Millions of women once diagnosed with infertility went on to heal and give birth to their babies.

Should a person with a bad cold feel guilty because their nose is running? Doesn’t a person with a cold take Vitamin C and rest, knowing that with some orange juice and chicken soup, their nose will eventually stop running and they will return to living without a cold?

Is a person with cancer somehow to blame for the cancer? No, the body
sometimes gets on the wrong track, and whether it is a runny nose, an arthritic knee, cancer or acne, we should never blame ourselves for the times when the body goes awry. We are not physically perfect, nor should we expect ourselves to be.

What we are, and what we can expect from ourselves, is the capacity to heal and renew from temporary physical conditions.

Instead of guilt and shame, we need to forgive our body, love our body, be kind and good to our body, and work slowly and lovingly towards healing our body. Illness is in no way a reason to engage in self-hatred.

The body cannot be beaten and shamed back into health. It can, however, be loved and soothed back to a healthy state.

Wipe away right now any archaic ideas that you are evil, flawed, or cursed because you are having trouble getting pregnant.

You are not a bad person because you have a physical problem with

You are in simply a temporary state of infertility that can be healed.

Infertility is a malfunction of the body, just like any illness, and it
is no reason to beat yourself up.
Does infertility make you less of a woman? No, no and no. No self-hate allowed. No needless shame or guilt is warranted. You need now to love yourself as much as possible.

What is there to be ashamed of? What is there to feel guilty about?

Infertility is not a statement about your character, your worth, your power as a woman, your ability to mother, your maternal calling, your right to be a mother, your childhood, your family history, your ability to mother, or anything else.

Infertility is the result of the body straying down an unhealthy track—a track, however, that you can lovingly lead your body away from so that you can ultimately get back on a healthy, vibrant, blooming and yes, fertile track.

Say a goodbye to emotions like guilt and self-hatred because there is no validity to them.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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