Prepare to Switch Gears–and Switch Gears Often

Successfully coping with infertility can sometimes mean knowing when it is time to switch gears and try something new.

Switching gears can mean knowing when it is time to change doctors, try a different medication, or incorporate some holistic healing into your treatments.

Infertility treatments require the ability to shift gears and change tracks when the one you are on isn’t working. It requires bending, twisting and contorting as the path unfolds. Being prepared to switch gears means being flexible and welcoming change when need is needed. It means trying new ways of healing when they are presented to you. It means not clinging to a certain doctor or a certain medication that isn’t working.

This journey is not always Step A to Step B, it is sometimes Step A to Step N to Step Z back to Step C. Get your dancing shoes on and be ready for the trapeze act that will sometimes be required of you.

Don’t stay stuck thinking there is only one way to reach your goal–if
that path is not working, switch gears and be ready to go down a new path if you need to.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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