Prepare To Take Responsibility for Your Own Healing

This journey is your responsibility and yours alone. Your journey to motherhood is not the responsibility of your doctor, your husband, your mother, or your best friend.

You will ultimately fare better if you take responsibility for
your infertility treatments, rather than hoping someone is going to come and pave the way for you or rescue you.

You are in charge and responsible for all the hard work your infertility treatments will demand and require.

Accepting the responsibility of finding a good doctor, showing up to all your appointments, and doing whatever it takes to heal your body, will empower you to make good choices, be organized, self-disciplined, and do whatever you can to improve your chances of conceiving the baby you so deserve.

You are the one that must go to the appointments, take the medications, change whatever needs to be changed and sacrifice
whatever needs to be sacrificed, in the quest to have a baby. You are in charge. You make the choices. You ask the questions. You do the research. You explore your options. You ask to try another medication. You change doctors. You eat healthy. You show up on time for the appointments. The choices, the actions, are all up to you.

You want this baby, you need to understand you are the driver.
You are not a child resting easily in the arms of your doctor or anyone

Relying on the word of any one doctor, or any one clinic, or any one person, is a big mistake. Starting right now, you need to take responsibility for your treatment–not hand it over to anyone or rely totally on anyone else.

Many women have made the mistake of letting the course of
their treatment be dictated by one person–usually a medical professional–only to find out later that person had been on the wrong track.

By putting yourself firmly in the driver’s seat, you will not be afraid to ask for things, push for more, change course when you see the need. You will not be tethered to a treatment that is not working for you. Nor will you be a victim to whatever some authority figure sees fit for you, especially if their pronouncement or decision isn’t bringing you the desired results.

Stay in charge and realize that no one can run this race for you but you.

Taking responsibility does not mean blaming yourself, hating yourself, or beating yourself when you hit hard times and disappointments. It is not your fault when a cycle doesn’t work out and you are not pregnant yet.

Taking responsibility means educating yourself, speaking up for yourself, advocating for yourself, believing in yourself. You need to understand and fully realize that you–and only you–are responsible and in charge of your infertility treatments and journey.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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