Prepare To Talk Positively To Yourself Each Day

Starting now, you need to tell yourself every single day that your body can and will get pregnant and give birth.

Say right out loud that your body is healing from infertility, that it is only a temporary condition, and that you are capable, able and strong enough to have a baby.

Repeat over and over again that your body is ready, willing and able to receive and nurture a new life.

It is key that right from the start of this journey, you understand the importance of your self-talk. At this time, you must be your own best friend, your personal cheerleader, your own fertility coach, as you consciously choose to speak words of hope, health and healing to your body.

What you speak aloud and what you speak internally must
be positive. No dire pronouncements. No words like, “I’ll never get
pregnant” or “this won’t work out.”

You must commit right now that you will speak to your body in a way that
encourages healing, confidence, success, and growth.

All the self-hating, blaming words must end now.

Stop the negative self-talk that the body listens to, and ultimately obeys, on an unconscious level.

Start talking to yourself and your body, both silently and aloud, about the success and healing you are soon going to experience. You need to tell your body that yes, you are going to have a baby. Yes, you are going to be a parent. Your self-talk needs to be affirm a good and beautiful outcome for your efforts.

Let your body know you love it and you have faith it will find a way to
conceive, carry and give birth to a beautiful baby.

Let your ovaries, vagina, kidneys, adrenal glands and liver know that you love them and you believe in their power. Hug yourself, soothe yourself. Stop the voices in your head that call you weak, powerless, sickly, infertile.

Never ever say “this won’t work.”

When you are feeling down and you can sense that your internal whisperings are going to be negative, stop and envision how lovingly you would talk to a friend in this situation.

Just as you need to talk kindly to yourself, be aware of the words you use when speaking to others about your infertility. Even if you feel discouraged, NEVER EVER say out loud, “I doubt I will get pregnant” or “I don’t think this will happen for me.”

Repeat: even during difficult times, never let negative words that predict an unhappy outcome for your efforts escape from your lips.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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