Prepare To Tap Into Your Power

To endure some of the challenges of infertility, you need to tap into your power.

While you cannot control or determine the outcome of your fertility journey, you do have some measure of power. You have the power to make choices, power to persevere, power to pray to God, power to believe against all odds, power to think positively, power to phone a friend who is positive and encouraging, power to read a book or listen to music that inspires, power to exercise, power to communicate, power to connect to nature, power to eat healthy foods, power to get up the next day, power to walk forward, power to sing, power to dance–power to envision ourselves in a life with the children we most desire.

Get ready to tap into all the power that is yours, that God has given all humans, and that can help you as you strive towards this goal.

You have power over what you eat, what you drink, and what you say out loud and to yourself.

You have the power to endure pain when you have to. You may have to endure shots twice a day for several weeks, and you may have to do this even if you think right now you could never endure shots. I am the biggest chicken on the planet–a person who can tolerate very little pain–and after awhile, the shots seemed like no big deal to me. If I can do it, you can too. Trust me on this one. You are have more power than you realize. You will be amazed at the power within you as you walk through infertility. Get ready to embrace it.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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