The Doctor Called My Eggs “Bottom of the Barrel”

My doctor looked at me point blank and said without a trace of mercy that my eggs were “bottom of the barrel.”

Bottom of the barrel… Her words rang in my head like a cruel pronouncement.

I was 37 years old and desperately wanted a second child. My doctor didn’t believe I could have one.

I had been through this before. To have my daughter, I endured 10 IUIs, several operations and too many nights of crying to count.

So I left her office: desperate, heartbroken, and wildly, frantically panicked. The words ‘your eggs are bottom of the barrel’ kept repeating in my head. Despite everything I’ve gone through, I always had hope. My insides were screaming: ‘I can’t live with this.’ I was so shaken, I could barely drive home. Her words nearly broke my will and spirit to try again.

For some reason, on the way home, I stopped at a natural foods market. Walking around the supermarket, amidst all the healthy foods and supplements, I began to question what the doctor told me. Was the poor quality of my eggs something that could be improved? Was I unhealthy on some undetectable level that was impacting my fertility? I went home and called my ever-wise mother. She gave me great advice: dump that doctor and try again.

I did exactly what Mom said. I decided I would do everything I could to restore and heal my fertility, and not be hindered by my age, regardless of what the doctor said.

Over time, I learned that there was hope for me and others like me—and just because a doctor says you can never get pregnant does not mean your body, if given the right elements, cannot heal from infertility.

My devastation and despair turned to determination, and everything I learned, I put in this book. As a newspaper reporter for more than 25 years, I utilized my skills as a journalist to get to the root of fertility problems, the physical and the emotional.

I am now also a fertility success certified life coach and I wrote about how I healed my body in my book “Dancing Your Way to Fertility” that is also available on That book includes my story, along with The Ultimate Fertility Success Program which I believe is one of the most comprehensive body-mind makeover plans available to fertility patients today.

The Ultimate Fertility Success Program includes 12 cleanses that will detoxify your body and expand your fertility potential.
It will also show you how to improve the quality of your eggs—something previously not thought possible—and balance your hormones.

In this book, Dancing My Way To Fertility, I share my personal journey of battling infertility, a rotten opponent that needed to be knocked upside its head and kicked to the curb.

It wasn’t easy and there were moments, as you will read, that nearly broke me.

That doctor who claimed my eggs were ‘bottom of the barrel’ was wrong. Less than a year later, I gave birth to my beautiful son.

Someday, I would like to send her a picture of my boy and write in blazing letters across the picture: “Is this what bottom of the barrel looks like?”

Dancing To Fertility Book

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