Traditional Chinese Medicine and Infertility

When practitioners of Chinese medicine treat infertility, they work to balance the ‘foundation’ of the body and the qi, or life energy, that flows through the body, through herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, dietary therapy and exercise. Emotions, sleeping and eating habits, are all looked at in determining the root cause of infertility. They may treat infertility by suggesting increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, through acupuncture, massage or exercise. Sometimes they treat infertility by recommending patients avoiding dampness and damp foods such as cheese, butter, alcohol, humid environments and moist basements.

In Chinese medicine, healing one’s emotions is key to healing infertility. Two of the most common organs related to fertility are the liver and the lungs. The lungs are related to sadness, grief and holding on, while the liver is connected to frustration, stress, desire and anger. Calming the mind through acupuncture and saying positive affirmations can help. Being receptive to conception is also important. To do this, think: warm, enveloping, holding, supportive thoughts.

Dancing To Fertility Book

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