Trying Clomid

They have had me on Clomid for four cycles now, which because of the delays due to the polyp operation, and my needing to take a month off here and there inbetween cycles, seven months have passed. Seven long months…

The other day, Christine, the ultrasound technician, cued me into something I should have known: she told me that Clomid usually works in the first three cycles, and if it doesn’t work by then, usually another medication is needed.

Thank you Christine.

And hello doctor: why didn’t you bother to mention that to me?

This made me realize how little I know about these medications, and how if you leave your treatment in the hands of busy doctors, you might never know when precious time is being wasted.

It also made me realize how helpful it is to know a person like Christine who lets you in on the little ‘secrets’ of the infertility quest.

I’m pissed of right now. Why didn’t they tell me this? Why are they wasting my time? I need to write my doctor a letter and request that we move on to the next level of medication. I also need to educate myself about the medications I am on. Sitting back and trusting the medical professionals isn’t a great idea when everyone is so overworked and busy.

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