What Your Guy Should Avoid To Protect His Fertility

• Keep It Loose: Have your partner wear loose fitting boxer shorts, instead of tight underwear. Avoid boxers, briefs or bikinis.

No tight clothes around the genitals please.

• Just Say No To Lubricants: Avoid lubricants during sex. Lotions or lubricants can interfere with sperm motility.

• Don’t Let His Sperm Get Too Hot: Heat can deter the healthy development of sperm. Genitals should be kept cool when possible. Lap top computers can increase scrotal temperature, which hurts sperm production.

Avoid hot tubs, saunas and Jacuzzis. Wear cotton boxer shorts rather than jockey shorts to keep sperm from overheating. Avoid long drives, and never let him put his cell phone in between his legs while driving. Avoid hot baths or overly long hot showers.

If your guy has a job that requires him to sit a lot each day, this could be causing high testicle heat. Encourage him to get up and walk every few hours.

Avoid heated car seats, electric blankets and heating pads that increase testicular temperatures—always remember sperm works better when it is cool!
If there is a chance that your partner is experiencing too much heat in his genital area, you may want to try artificially cooling his testicles with ice, a cold bath or shower. Always remember: Sperm counts are higher in the cold weather and in the morning.

• Stop All Cigarette Smoking: Smoking reduces sperm count and motility. It also increases the risk of genetic defects in an embryo. All smoking should be stopped.
• No Marijuana: Chemicals from marijuana have been reported to build up in the testicles and can cause impotence and a lower sperm count.

• Take A Look At Prescription Drugs: If your husband is on medication, you may want to evaluate if it is safe for him to take a break while you are trying to conceive. Some prescription drugs can negatively effect sperm count. This is a matter to be decided with a doctor’s approval and notification, as some medications are absolutely necessary for various mental and physical health conditions.

• Reduce Bicycling Activity: Bicycling can raise scrotal temperature and critical arteries and nerves can be damaged by repeatedly banging the groin against the seat.

• No Oral Sex: Saliva can kill sperm. Avoid oral sex at this time.

• No Extreme Exercise: Extreme exercise can lower the sperm count.

• Cut Down Or Reduce Alcohol: Alcohol interferes with the secretion of testosterone and lowers sperm count. Alcohol can also depletes vitamins and minerals in the body and an overworked liver can cause a rise in estrogen

• Stay Away From Water Bottles That Contain Bisphenol A (BPA): Be aware of Bisphenol A (known as BPA) a hormone-disrupting chemical that is a common ingredient in water bottles, canned goods, and other products. Researchers have found that men with higher urine levels of BPA have decreased sperm concentration, decreased total sperm count, decreased sperm vitality and decreased sperm motility. BPA can also be found on cash register receipts and metal cans.

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