About me

I suffered and cried a lot, but in the end, my dream came true.

I want the same to happen to you.

I tried to put in this website, blog and my book, Dancing Your Way to Fertility, everything I wish someone had told me, so my journey would not have been so painful and maybe I would have been successful a little sooner.

My doctor, who was named of the best in my area by a popular local magazine, looked at me point blank and said without a trace of mercy that my eggs were “bottom of the barrel.”

I was 37 years old and I desperately wanted a second child.

I had been through this before. To have my daughter, I endured 10 IUIS, several operations and too many nights of crying to count.

Her words nearly broke me, but something within urged me to try again.

I decided to put to use my more than 20 years of experience as a newspaper reporter and get to the root of my infertility problems.

I learned that while it isn’t always easy and nothing is a guarantee, there is a lot that can be done to restore and heal from infertility.

I am now a fertility success certified life coach.

I hope you enjoy my website, blog and book, and that the information helps you conquer infertility and have the babies you so very much deserve.

My book, Dancing Your Way to Fertility, is available to purchase on amazon Here

I have a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Boston University, where I was also a trustee scholar. I have written for The Boston Globe, New Hampshire magazine, The Nashua Telegraph, and The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune. I am the founder and editor of Commitment.com, an online site for women.

Let me know how I can help or write and share your story with me.

That doctor who called my eggs “bottom of the barrel” was wrong. A year and three months later, my second child was born.