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Dancing To Fertility Book

Jeffrey Zaslow, author of “The Last Lecture” read Dancing Your Way to Fertility before his untimely death and called it “moving and well-done.” He wrote: “For those on a journey through infertility, there is much to be learned from Paula Davis’ clear-eyed, heartfelt account of her own path to motherhood. It’s a beautifully told story of grueling setbacks, vital lessons learned and maternal triumph.”

My doctor looked at me point blank and said without a trace of mercy that my eggs were “bottom of the barrel.” Bottom of the barrel… Her words rang in my head like a cruel pronouncement. I was 37 years old and desperately wanted a second child. My doctor didn’t believe I could have one. I had been through this before. To have my daughter, I endured 10 IUIs, several operations and too many nights of crying to count.

So I left her office: desperate, heartbroken, and wildly, frantically panicked. The words ‘your eggs are bottom of the barrel’ kept repeating in my head. Despite everything I’ve gone through, I always had hope. My insides were screaming: ‘I can’t live with this.’ I was so shaken, I could barely drive home. Her words nearly broke my will and spirit to try again.

For some reason, on the way home, I stopped at a natural foods market. Walking around the supermarket, amidst all the healthy foods and supplements, I began to question what the doctor told me. Was the poor quality of my eggs something that could be improved? Was I unhealthy on some undetectable level that was impacting my fertility?

I went home and called my ever-wise mother. She gave me great advice: dump that doctor and try again.I did exactly what Mom said. I decided I would do everything I could to restore and heal my fertility, and not be hindered by my age, regardless of what the doctor said. Over time, I learned that there was hope for me and others like me—and just because a doctor says you can never get pregnant does not mean your body, if given the right elements, cannot heal from infertility.

My devastation and despair turned to determination. As a newspaper reporter for more than 25 years, I put my skills as a journalist to use to investigate the root of fertility problems, both the physical and the emotional.

Everything I learned I put into this book and I became a certified life coach, focusing on fertility success.

This book includes:

• The Ultimate Fertility Preparation Program: one of the most comprehensive body-mind makeover plans available to fertility patients today.

• 12 Cleanses To Help Restore Your Fertility and expand your fertility potential

• Ten Things About Infertility That Nobody Will Tell You—
But You Need to Know Right From The Start

• How to Improve Your Egg Quality

• How to Strengthen and Prepare Your Organs for Maximum Fertiity

• Ways to Enhance Your Fertility and Conditions to Consider

• Getting Your Guy Ready: The Ultimate Male Fertility Preparation Program

• Freeing Your Body From the Traumas and Painful Life Experiences That Might Be Destroying Your Fertility

• 50 Creative Projects to Help You Tap Into Your Creative Reproductive Energy

• Coping With Shots and Injections

• How to deal with negative comments from friends and relatives, as well as your own internal negativity.

• How to not let infertility ruin your marriage.

• How to choose the right doctor and clinic.

• Ways to reduce stress in your life.

• Writing exercises that will give you a chance to go deep within to unearth and destroy all the self-defeating beliefs and traumas that might be buried deep in your tissues that could be destroying your fertility.

• More than 100 affirmations and visualizations.

• A personal fertility vision statement, that I have written as a certified life coach. It is used to help motivate and get you past the blocks and obstacles to your fertility. You can listen to and read it each day.

• Letters you can send yourself, or just leave around the house, when you need a lift or a reminder of how strong and powerful you really are.

• How to start enjoying a close loving friendship with your body, so your body becomes your best friend and teammate.

• How to turn your home into a fertility nesting center.

• Coping with the unfairness of it all.

• Ways to protect your baby once you are pregnant

And all my mistakes (which were many) you can learn from.

As a bonus, I’m including:

• Your Fertility Food Tracker Diary: Its simple, easy to use and will help you track what fertility foods you are giving your body each day.

• Journal Writing Through Your Subconscious: to help you discover what your deepest consciousness truly thinks about fertility, motherhood and parenting.

• Your Daily Happiness Journal: to help you gain access to your inner positive-feelings that are ever alert to everything good within you and around you.

• Life Affirmation Journal: designed to help you take note of all the ways birth and life take place in the world around you each day, and how you are intrinsically part of the world’s never-ending reproductive cycle.

• My Child & I Journal: where you can share your dreams of a future with your children by your side.

• Emotional Tracking Journal: to help you understand what triggers your positive and negative emotions each day.

I wrote it for you brave survivors of infertility who dream of starting a family, but find the road long, cruel, uphill, and not always forgiving of slight mistakes and accumulated years.

In this book, I will help you identify all the physical and emotional obstacles that might be standing in the way of your having the children you desire. Then-one-by-one, we are going to knock these obstacles out of your body and your life.

This book will help you examine all aspects of your life, from your childhood and family experiences, to your deepest thoughts and beliefs about pregnancy and motherhood, so that you are fully aware of your subconscious feelings and beliefs and every part of you can work together to have the babies of your dreams.

I will share with you information on how to unblock and destroy the emotional and spiritual traumas, that could secretly be preventing your body from having a baby.

I’ve included 50 art, writing, music and dance activities you can do in your home to help you unlock your creative reproductive powers and release negative energy patterns in your body.

Everything in this book can be used in conjunction with an IVF, IUI or other assisted reproductive technologies. We will discuss how to prepare for an IUI and/or IVF, and how to treat yourself the days following these procedures to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

I have included my own story of battling infertility that I hope you will find useful and inspiring.

This is, most importantly, a book of hope…and about taking action to have the children you deserve and are worthy of.

That doctor who claimed my eggs were ‘bottom of the barrel’ was wrong. Less than a year later, I gave birth to my beautiful son.

Someday, I would like to send her a picture of my boy and write in blazing letters across the picture: “Is this what bottom of the barrel looks like?”

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Dancing To Fertility Book